Browns - Wild Card chances

Browns - Wild Card chances

  • I just did a quick research on the chances of getting the second wild card spot.

    Here is what I came up with:

    Brown get second Wild Card spot if:

    1) Browns win out to go 9-7

    2) Pittsburgh goes no better than 2-2 in their last 4 games (Browns win tie breaker with them)

    3) Indianapolis goes no better than 3-1 in their last 4 games (Browns win tiebreaker with them)

    4) Oakland goes no better than 3-1 in their last 4 games (Browns win tiebreker with them)

    Lastly, but the one that hurts the most 5) Tennessee goes no better than 1-3 in their last 4 games (Browns lose tiebreaker with them)

    I'm hoping they can at least get to the Baltimore game with playoff hopes still alive.........

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  • Don't set yourself up for more disappointment this season. It's not worth it.

  • Why are we even talking about this?? Absolute best case scenario here is this team ends up 8-8 and we start talking about the draft and HC search.

  • fhls

    This is not a playoff team! You have division rival depleated by injurys on offense and you cant seal the deal! Coaching wins in this league and we have a poor coaching staff!

  • Looks like the Bills have the 1st WC (or AFCE) so all teams are fighting for the 2nd WC. Tennessee holds tie breaker against the Browns, but they play 4 potential playoff teams in the last 4 weeks. Browns (if they win out) will have the tiebreaker with Pitt due to better AFCN record. Browns also hold tie breaker against Indy.

    What needs to happen:

    Browns win out. Stools lose to Bills and Ravens. Houston and Saints sweep the Titans. Raiders have to Raider. Colts need to lose 1 of their next 3. user generated

  • Titans have been hot since Tannehill took over and have won 5 of their last 6. I highly doubt they finish 1-3.

    But also, I highly highly doubt we win out. We just lost to a Steelers team without their top wr, top rb, and starting qb.

    It hurts, but we are not a playoff team.

  • That fat lady gonna sing soon

  • Forget the playoffs. Ain’t happening. The Browns Superbowl will be the Ravens game which they will lose.

  • NONE. will lose 3 out of next 4. will beat Bengals at home...that's it.

  • Are we talking about next year or the year after that?

  • If we get to 9-7 that would be a miracle. An absolute Miracle. I could care less about the playoffs at this point. Does anyone think we are going to beat Mahomes in KC and then Brady in NE? No.

    I would love to see some semblance of a good offense though with Baker making strides (assuming he can still play with his thumb). Cardinals gave up 420 passing yards to Goff in the first 35 minutes of that game yesterday. IF we get to 8-8, given the utter disaster this season has been, that would be some slight moral victory. Our best season in a long long time.

  • CTBrownsfan said... (original post) NONE. will lose 3 out of next 4. will beat Bengals at home...that's it.

    Sadly this would not surprise me at all.

  • I will hold out hope until there is no possibility remaining.....its my weakest trait as a human being....I continue to hope the Browns will get hot, win out and be the hottest team in the playoffs and hurt feelings of all opposing teams....I do it every year.....I did it the year we didnt a game....I held out hope until loss #9 and we were eliminated from the playoffs.....I cant control myself....

    growing up watching Mack and Byner, Kosar, Sipe, hearing the stories of Jim Brown.....the Browns being one of the top teams in the AFC was just something we expected....contending was something that happened year in and year out....then the era of sadness came but my faith stayed strong.....still does.....its probably why for 17 weeks each fall, I become a sad, depressed excuse for a human....holding out hope that my Browns will make the playoffs has depressed me more and more each year....

    December is a month that people should be happy, excited, generous, delightful and just full of happiness all around.....yet each December comes and us Browns fans do the math, realize we arent a playoff team, we normally start researching college players we can draft to make our team better, we scour other teams for offensive minded coaches who could come in and turn our team around....we do the math needed to see what it will take to get the best possible draft selection....then the domino effect happens and we beat our dog, refuse to buy the wife a Christmas present, skip church on Sundays and buy our kids beer so they too can sulk in the fact that knowing 12 months from now we will feel the same way.

    but until then, there is always hope, we still have a shot..... Lloyd Christmas said it best......"so your telling me there's a chance?"

  • I admire your optimism, if only because there was a time in my life as a Browns fan that I had it too -- but it's been a long, long time ago (and maybe in a galaxy far away.) Right now, I'll be happy if this dysfunctional mess can win another game. I'm not would be much like this team to lose to Cincy.

  • At this point I mostly hope we don't somehow get on a hot streak and sneak into the playoffs, or even go 9-7 for that matter. If we do there's no chance they'll fire Kitchens, and this team won't matter until he's gone. Best case scenario for this team is 8-8 and a new head coach.

  • Writerdawg said... (original post) I admire your optimism, if only because there was a time in my life as a Browns fan that I had it too -- but it's been a long, long time ag...

    +1 a loss to Cincy is not out of the realm of possibility.

  • Why is this even a thread? We are to the point now of looking at smaller improvements; such as: moving Baker's launch point occasionally, not playing soft defense, CB's turning their heads around, etc. Are we seeing any improvement and is that improvement enough? The record and playoff chances are off the table, including or next year, until those finer detailed questions are answered.

  • nonsense

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  • Thought this was a joke thread.

  • Animaleyz said... (original post) That fat lady gonna sing soon

    She sung. They needed to win out and even then it was gonna be tight. Say a prayer for the season, she’s dead.

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  • earlier looking at this schedule I thought, "sweet, we get to thrash the bengals twice in 3 weeks and get 2 easy I am wondering if we can beat them even once.....they are actually playing decent ball right now....they are making stupid mistakes that still cost them, but they are playing hard.....and here is nothing worse than playing a horrible team that gives 100% because they have nothing to lose but pride and its hard to get NFL players to have pride, each week I see the bengals play, they have pride...or most of them do.....they might not be a good team but they have pride and they are playing for their coach and for themselves.....those 2 games are not going to be easy at all.

  • I have a better chance with Margot Robbie.

  • Wildcard?

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