Dawg Check! Cardinals pregame

Dawg Check! Cardinals pregame

  • Are there any organized tailgates or parking areas for Sunday? We would certainly like to preparty in an area with fans rather than get a random parking pass.

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  • Would like to know the same. Family and I headed out Thursday from NC.

  • I'm staying at the Staybridge in Glendale, 1.2. miles from the game,.. It'll be my first time there,..looks like a pretty "hoppin" part of town.

  • MyCannon said... (original post) I'm staying at the Staybridge in Glendale, 1.2. miles from the game,.. It'll be my first time there,..looks like a pretty "hoppin&q...

    Not as many options as Scottsdale for more adult like party places but Westgate at the stadium is pretty darn good. There should be enough good entertainment for the weekend. Hit up the Top Golf during the day if you like random drinking golf. Shouldn't be far from there.

  • OK. Was looking at spots in the yellow lot. Thought that there were Browns Backers Clubs that were going?

  • We’re staying in Scottsdale through the weekend. If it were just me and buddies, probably would have done Glendale.

    It’s amazing to me how much Glendale has grown. I went to the 2007 NC game, OSU/UF. The stadium area was a stadium and a Gordon Biersch...nothing else. It looked like someone had built a stadium on the moon. I have been back a few times since and it’s just one bar, restaurant and retailer after another now. I imagine there will be some Browns Backers activities going on.

  • Holy crap! For anyone that gets annoyed about parking around FES...try to find somewhere to park at State Farm Stadium. I even live in Phoenix and have no idea if (and can't find) if they even have a general lot. They're so focused on season ticket holders. Hopefully I get my parking pass before Sunday. I've been there before and all the close parking has been mostly empty while visiting fans all have to take a bus.

    If the pass finally shows up I'll smoke more ribs if u let me know that you'll stop by.

  • Just boarded my flight. Expecting a shootout Sunday, so at least entertainment.. I think we win 38-35
    See you Dawgs there!!!

  • There is a backer bash tonight at 7 PM: https://www.facebook.com/events/862435914114113/

    And a couple of tailgate options:

    The local backer group is running a huge party tomorrow at McFaddens, which is right by the stadium. You can get tickets here:


    There will also be a more traditional tailgate in the black lot with the southwest Browns Backers.