Updated Watercooler Rules

Updated Watercooler Rules

  • Watercooler Rules:

    -- No racial, political, religious or other inappropriate posts.

    -- No posting of nude, vulgar or grotesque photos or links.

    -- No spam or promotion of other websites or businesses.

    -- No posting of premium content from any website.

    -- No trolling, posting of fake news, or use of misleading thread titles.

    -- No public posting of private information or messages.

    -- No offensive or threatening private messages.

    What to do if you receive an offensive or threatening private message:

    - Ask the sender to stop.
    - Hit the REPORT button and copy and send the offending post or PM to a forum moderator.
    - Click "Ignore This User" on his profile and and this will stop him from sending you private messages.

    Poster Violation and Moderator Action:

    Actions will range from warnings to suspensions from the forums depending on the severity and frequency of violations.

    NOTE: Posters will may permanently banned immediately for a serious, willful, and/or frequent violation of any of these rules.