Matt Eberflus had his mind made up.

The talented assistant coach will now head to the Indianapolis Colts to reportedly join New England Patriots' offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, once McDaniels can officially accept the position as the team's head coach. It's one of the biggest blows to the Dallas Cowboys this offseason, who were admittedly looking to shake things up within their coaching staff, but that didn't include losing Eberflus.

With an expiring contract and other teams attempting to woo him out of Dallas, the Cowboys went all-in to keep him onboard. They were even willing to move titles around to make it happen which, according to ESPN insider Todd Archer, included offering Eberflus the position of defensive coordinator. That would've elevated current DC Rod Marinelli to the role of assistant head coach, but Eberflus reportedly didn't accept the position because he felt he'd be "stepping on the toes" of Marinelli.

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Instead, he'll now head north to Indianapolis to help right their ship while the Cowboys look to salve the wound of his exit by finding another talented linebackers coach and passing game coordinator. The bigger loss comes when looking at the now and the later, considering the team had long groomed Eberflus to take over the DC role down the road -- combined with Marinelli now mulling retirement. Should he choose to hang up his whistle, losing both would be a haymaker to the up-and-coming defense for 2018 and beyond.

With Eberflus now a Colt, that alone may be enough to keep Marinelli on board for at least one more season but the question of who takes over after that would now be anyone's guess.

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