From the "none-of-his-business" file comes a highly suspect tweet from Emmanuel Sanders.

Taking to Twitter Tuesday, the Broncos wide receiver openly questioned whether former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has lost his virginity.

"Me and bros are having a convo... we are debating whether or not @TimTebow is still a virgin?" he asked his 237,000 followers.

Shockingly, the tweet is still up as of this writing.

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As most are aware, Tebow is a devout Christian who doesn't believe in premarital sex. In fact, he made headlines in 2015 when he was reportedly dumped by Miss Universe for abstaining from sex with her.

Whether Tebow, now trying his hand at baseball, has remained true to his vow is unknown. But it's no one's right to discuss other than his, and certainly not for the public to debate. Of all people, Sanders -- who's had his share of domestic issues come to light over the past year -- should know better.

Not surprisingly, he was taken to task by Broncos fans.

The first thing Sanders should do is delete the tweet. Then, forever think twice before pushing the "send" button.

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