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There are quite a few NFL players that love taking down the Green Bay Packers when they get the chance. But one player, in particular, has been a thorn in the Packers' side, especially when it comes to the playoffs. Erik Lambert of NFL Mocks named each team's greatest villain and Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald was named for the Packers. Here's a look at what Lambert had to say about Fitzgerald.

Where would the Green Bay Packers championship fortunes be today if not for Larry Fitzgerald? That’s a legitimate question because the future Hall of Fame wide receiver had a direct hand in ruining their dreams not once but twice in the playoffs with epic performances. While most remember the one a few years ago, it actually started back in 2009.

The 2009 season was the first time the Packers made the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers under center. They faced the Cardinals in the wild-card round of the playoffs and lost to them 51-45 in overtime. Fitzgerald finished the day with 82 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Most Packers fans will remember the divisional round playoff game in 2015 against the Cardinals. The Packers lost that game 26-20 and Fitzgerald made the biggest play of the contest. In overtime, Fitzgerald caught a short pass from Carson Palmer and that led to him running for a 75-yard gain. A few plays later, Fitzgerald scored on a five-yard pass from Palmer to win the game.

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Fitzgerald was a big reason the Packers don't have more Super Bowl victories, but he's not the only notable Packers' villain. When Colin Kaepernick was with the San Francisco 49ers, he gave the Packers all they can handle in the playoffs. Kaepernick first met the Packers in the playoffs back in 2012 and he threw for 263 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in a 45-31 victory. Kaepernick also rushed for 181 yards and two touchdowns in the win. The Packers and 49ers met again in the wild-card round in 2013 and Kaepernick threw for 227 yards, one touchdown and one interception to lead the 49ers to a 23-20 win. The Nevada alum also rushed for 98 yards on seven carries.

One could argue Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens is a Packers' villain. Back in 1998, the Packers took on the 49ers in the wild-card round of the playoffs and Owens caught the game-winning touchdown pass with just seconds remaining. But then again, the play shouldn't have happened because Jerry Rice fumbled a reception a few plays prior, but was ruled down by contract.

Ultimately, the biggest enemy for the Packers is themselves when it comes to the playoffs. The best example is the 2014 NFC Championship game as the Packers were up by two scores in the fourth quarter. However, after a Seahawks score, Packers Bandon Bostick mishandled an onside kick, which led to the Seahawks scoring again and winning the game in overtime.