Jimmy Graham signed with the Green Bay Packers back in March and it was one of the biggest signings for any NFL team this offseason. After having Martellus Bennett for half the 2017 season and Jared Cook in 2016, the Packers now believe they have the right tight end for their offense. However, the question is how much of an impact will Graham have in 2018?

Graham is not the same player he was during the early stages of his career. The last time he posted over 1,000 yards receiving was back in 2013 when he registered 1,125 yards with the Saints. And his 520 receiving yards he tallied last season with the Seahawks was his lowest total since his rookie season in 2010. But with Graham working with Aaron Rodgers, he has a strong chance to having another Pro Bowl-caliber season, which will make him one of the top tight ends in 2018.

Here's a look at Graham's five-year average numbers.

Receptions: 68.2

Yards: 830.4

Touchdowns: 8.8

So based on those numbers, the style of Packers offense and Graham's age, we came up with his projected stats for the 2018 season. Here's a look at how Graham will finish the year if he were to play in all 16 games.

Receptions: 75

Yards: 880

Touchdowns: 9

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In 2016, Cook finished the season with 30 receptions for 377 yards and one score. In 2017, Bennett, who was waived halfway through the year, posted 24 receptions for 233 yards and no touchdowns. If Graham is able to record the projected numbers, it would be the first time the Packers would have a tight end make that much of an impact since Jermichael Finley in 2011. During that season, Finley caught 55 passes for 761 yards and eight touchdowns. He was a big part of the Packers 15-1 season and Rodgers winning his first MVP award.

The Packers are hoping Graham can post these numbers this season, but NFL executive is not buying it. Mike Sando of ESPN recently talked to an NFL executive about the Packers signing Graham and he believes all the Pro Bowl tight end can do is score touchdowns.

"All Jimmy is now is a red zone target," the exec said. "They are saying, 'OK, when we get to the red zone, we are just going to have our quarterback throw the fade ball up to Jimmy Graham and let him go get it.' Jimmy is best at that, but outside the red zone, he just doesn't run routes hard anymore. You get a veteran guy who has had injuries and he really only wants to play when it is touchdown time."

If that's all Graham is for the Packers, Rodgers won't have a problem with that because that takes the pressure off Davante Adams and Randall Cobb to make plays in the passing game. But with Rodgers under center and the Packers bringing back Joe Philbin as the offensive coordinator, it's not hard to believe Graham will be back to his old self in 2018.