It's possible nobody on the Kansas City Chiefs was as disappointed to see Alex Smith get traded as tight end Travis Kelce, who has played the first five seasons of his NFL career with Smith as his quarterback after being drafted by the Chiefs in 2013. But after a few months with new starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the controls, Kelce seems impressed with what he's seen, particularly with his leadership. 

Kelce back in February expressed confidence in Mahomes after Smith was traded but said he was hoping to get one more year with Smith in an attempt to give him another chance to compete for a Super Bowl in Kansas City. While it remains to be seen how well Mahomes will fill Smith's shoes on gameday, he seems to be picking up right where Smith left off in terms of leadership. Smith set an example with his professionalism while in Kansas City, and so far it seems like Mahomes is doing the same and earning the trust of veterans like Kelce in the process. 

"In terms of Mahomes, I think the quarterback position is always an area that you have to have leadership in," Kelce told SiriusXM NFL Radio Monday. "That being said, knowing Pat’s so young, he’s done a great job of taking the team and trying to make it as relatable for everyone. That’s going out there and being a good locker room guy, being someone that you can trust on the field by doing the right things, and doing the right things off the field. So that’s where I think Pat’s leadership has really grown."

Also impressing Kelce was the report of Mahomes turning down endorsement opportunities during his rookie season. Mahomes told reporters last week he preferred to keep his head down and work as a rookie and that the endorsements would take care of themselves down the line. Kelce told Sirius XM it's another way Mahomes is leading by example and showing he's intent on winning a Super Bowl for Kansas City. 

"It tells you that he’s here for the right reasons and he’s here for everybody on the football team," Kelce said. "He wants to make this dream of bringing Kansas City a Super Bowl something that’s realistic. His determination and his hard work is obviously showing he wants that from everybody. You can tell by his work ethic every single day he comes into the office that he’s focused and determined and wants this."

As far as how practices and workouts have been with Mahomes under center instead of Smith, Kelce said the team has been going through a learning and building process with all their new players but that the energy level to this point has been high.

"It’s a lot of energy," Kelce said. "Each practice it’s fun going out there and competing. We’ve got some new pieces on both sides of the ball, so it’s fun building that chemistry and seeing where guys fit. But all in all, I think it’s an exciting time of the year because you’re building the machine. You’re putting in the work, seeing how things time up in terms of the offense, seeing what plays are suitable for whom. It’s all in all a fun time and everybody’s working their tail off."