The Minnesota Vikings pieced together one of the most efficient offenses in the league last year under former coordinator Pat Shurmur, who parlayed that success into a head coaching gig with the New York Giants. Even after the team lost star players in Sam Bradford and Dalvin Cook to injury early in the season, the team was able to stay afloat with improved offensive line play, a quarterback that did not make mistakes with the football and a bevy of playmakers to get the ball to and let things happen.

Some of the names are different, as John DeFilippo replaces Shurmur and highly-paid Kirk Cousins comes in for Case Keenum at quarterback, but many of the trademark things that this group did last year should still wind up being apparent in what they try to do as a unit this season. There are a handful of new faces and new concepts that are going to be introduced into the fold, but that does not change the expectations of supplementing one of the best defenses in the game with an efficient and reliable offensive attack. At least, that is the expectation.

Cousins is the prized acquisition of the offseason, but the team also made some changes in other spots. There will be a battle for the No. 3 running back job and replacing Jerick McKinnon, as well as depth chart competitions at wide receiver, tight end and up front on the offensive line. There is still a long few months remaining until the regular season, but here is a look at how we see things shaking out on the depth chart.