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Julian Edelman: Tom Brady is just one of the dudes

Tom Brady is just one of the guys

Tom Brady may seem unapproachable to outsiders looking in on the New England Patriots. What would random players in their mid-20's have to say to a 40-year-old icon of both the team and the sport? It would be easy to assume that he simply avoids the day-to-day life of the locker room.

Julian Edelman revealed on the Off the Board podcast with Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated that he is quite the opposite. Brady is just one of the guys.

People don’t realize, he’s portrayed as, like, a God, but he’s really just one of the dudes who shoots the shit. He’s got his little banter and he’s got his little witty jokes that he has here and there. He’s a fun guy to be around. You love going to work and hanging around those types of guys because it makes the work environment, which is a stressful environment -- it’s like going to school all day in classes and then practice. In between those lunch breaks and those hall walks, like back in the day, or when you go to the bathroom, there’s a little banter here and there and he’s always good at giving it and receiving it."

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Before you ask, no, Bill Belichick is not the same kind of person.

"Nah. It’s not a happy-go-lucky environment there. I have fun outside the game. But right now, if you’re in this part of the season, it’s nut-cuttin' time and this is when the real season starts. It’s not fun. It’s business. That’s how Belichick is 24/7, 352 days or whatever, how many, whatever, 365. Yeah, 365, Oh my lord. Maybe we he jokes around after a Super Bowl win. That’s the only time I’ve seen him smile. He smiles here and there, but that’s the real time I’ve actually seen him happy."

It's interesting to hear about two figures being described in such diametrically opposed ways. Brady is the everyman who his teammates love whereas Belichick is the disciplinarian who is all football, all the time, and yet the partnership has produced five championships.

It goes to show how adaptable everyone in that locker room is that they have managed to succeed with two very different leadership styles at the helm. The Patriots follow Belichick's ethos to a tee, but Brady ensures that team morale is high in doing so.