UPDATE -- The Boston Herald's report was later proved to be hoax as writer Ron Borges was fed false information by someone posing at Brady's agent....

Tom Brady is doing his best Jerry Maguire impression and telling the Patriots to "show me the money." Following Jimmy Garoppolo inking an NFL record five-year, $137.5 million deal with $74 million in guarantees, the Patriots quarterback is asking New England to pony up with a contract of similar stature.

If they don't, Ron Borges of the Boston Herald reports Brady is prepared to sit out all of this year's offseason organized team activities.


Per Spotrac.com, Brady is set to have a base salary of $14 million next season with about $8 million in bonuses creating a cap hit of $22 million. Those same numbers apply to the final year of his current deal in 2019. Clearly, that number -- given the recent events of Garoppolo's deal -- is not longer satisfactory in the MVP's mind. 

Now, it should be noted that Brady has been a good soldier regarding his contract throughout his tenure with the Patriots, allowing the team to manipulate his deal to cater to the salary cap with other players. He's also played under market value for a large chunk of his career which has benefited New England in various spots, so he is due some cheddar.

However, it does seem surprising it comes with the threat of holding out all offseason. 

As the story goes, the Krafts made it known that Brady were to retire with the Patriots and would neither be traded or released leaving Garoppolo as an expiring assets for Bill Belichick. Instead of allowing him to play out the year as Brady's backup and let him walk into free agency, the hoodie elected to trade him out of the AFC and to the 49ers where he went 5-0 in his starts with the Bay Area club. 

Fast forward a couple months and the 26-year-old is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. That apparently doesn't sit well with Brady. 

On top of that piece of news, Borges also dropped in his report that Brady was instant Belichick and the Krafts push to keep Josh McDaniels and was part of the reason the offensive coordinator is back with the team after spurning the Colts' head coaching offer. 

Interesting times going on over at 1 Patriot Place. 

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