Almost nobody likes dealing with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when they go to the airport. It seems that everyone has a reason to hate the TSA. Newly-minted New York Giants defensive tackle A.J. Francis now has a better reason than most.

On Monday morning, Francis took to Twitter in a fury, posting a picture of his TSA-inspected luggage. Francis had been flying back from Arkansas following the death of his mother, and had taken her cremated remains with him. A TSA agent had apparently been careless in checking Francis' luggage, and as a result spilled his mother's ashes all over his clothing. Francis, an NFL veteran since 2013, was incensed (And his strong language supports that).

A TSA account offered an apology, and provided a link for Francis to be able to file a formal complaint. Francis, however, was not buying it.

If Francis brings half of this sort of anger to his play on the Giants' defensive line, New York just might have themselves a solid piece at defensive tackle.

Francis is entering his first season with the Giants after signing with the team in free agency. An undrafted free agent out of Maryland in 2013, Francis has bounced between the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, and Washington Redskins' rosters during his career. The most significant action he has seen in his career was last year with the Redskins, when he played in six games and made 18 tackles. He is still looking for his first-career sack and first-career turnover.

According to policies listed on the TSA's website, TSA officers are instructed never to open cremated remains out of respect for the deceased. The TSA encourages travelers to transport cremated remains in a lightweight container made out of a material such as wood or plastic. This is so that a situation where the container generates an opaque image can be avoided, as the ashes of the deceased would not be allowed to pass through security under those circumstances.

The unfortunate incident involving Francis and his mother's remains are another episode in offseason troubles at the airport for NFL players. Earlier this offseason, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport for making a joke about packing a bomb in his luggage - A cardinal sin when traveling through the skies.