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The Game Plan: Matching Intensity and Execution Against NC State

  • 0:45:43
  • 13 hours ago

Carolina and State meet for the 110th time in series history. State’s won the last three in Kenan Stadium and five of the last six in Chapel Hill with the Gio return in 2012 being the sole Tar Heel win. That said, 41-10 has not been forgotten.  Last week, Florida State was the first team to punch Mack Brown’s team in the face out of the gate and the Wolfpack has assumed the mantra that they are the most physical team in this state. So will the Heels match that intensity on Saturday? Jason Staples and Greg Barnes join host Tommy Ashley for this week’s Game Plan Podcast.

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  • On The Beat: Bouncing Back for Rivalry Week

    • 0:40:29
    • 3 days ago

    After last weekend, North Carolina’s first loss has many questioning how good the Heels really are, while Saturday’s opponent, NC State, has shocked many non-believers into thinking the Pack is back. Inside Carolina’s Ross Martin and Greg Barnes join host Tommy Ashley to break down what was and what will be in this week’s On the Beat Podcast.

  • Vippolis Pod: Heels Not Ready For Primetime

    • 0:53:51
    • 3 days ago

    Inside Carolina's Taylor Vippolis is joined by fellow lettermen Mike Ingersoll and EJ Wilson to discuss Carolina's disappointing first loss of the season at Florida State.

  • The Day After: Failure to Launch as FSU Upsets UNC

    • 0:41:38
    • 4 days ago

    The crew of Buck Sanders, Jason Staples and Tommy Ashley break down Carolina's upset loss to Florida State in today’s episode of the The Day After Podcast.  

  • The Game Plan: Diverging Paths Cross in Tallahassee

    • 0:51:21
    • 7 days ago

    Beat writer Greg Barnes and expert Jason Staples join host Tommy Ashley for this week’s Inside Carolina Game Plan Podcast to dissect any and all angles for Carolina’s trip to Florida State.

  • Coast to Coast: Talking About Practice

    • 0:37:04
    • 9 days ago

    On this episode of the Coast to Coast Podcast, Sherrell McMillan and Sean Moran join Joey Powell to catch up on the latest developments in UNC basketball recruiting, but also to hypothesize about minute distribution among the team for the upcoming season.

  • On the Beat: Cleaning Up After A Win

    • 0:39:28
    • 10 days ago

    Carolina’s win over Virginia Tech opened eye across the country to what the Tar Heel offense can do when all parts gel together. But on the other side of that coin, the performance by the defense, granted missing several big pieces, has the Carolina coaching staff working overtime to clean up the problems that arose even in a momentous win. Greg Barnes and Ross Martin join host Tommy Ashley to break down those questions and more in this week’s On The Beat Podcast at

  • Vippolis Podcast: Offense Goes Into High Gear

    • 0:48:02
    • 10 days ago

    Inside Carolina's Taylor Vippolis is joined by lettermen EJ Wilson and Mike Ingersoll to discuss and share their thoughts, insights, and highlight plays from Carolina's shootout victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies.

  • The Day After: Eruption

    • 0:53:49
    • 11 days ago

    Tommy Ashley is joined by Jason Staples and Buck Sanders to dive into UNC's offensive eruption against Virginia Tech on Saturday, with special highlights given to the play of Carolina's offensive line as they dominated the Hokies in the trenches. The trio also take a look at how the Heels stand up against their ACC competition three games into the season and debate how the team reflects their lofty rankings in the polls.

  • The Game Plan: Getting Over The Hokie Hump

    • 0:46:25
    • 14 days ago

    In what still feels like a young season for the Carolina Football program, the top ten Tar Heels face a Virginia Tech squad this Saturday bent on coming into Kenan Stadium and stopping the light blue wave cold. Both teams stand 2-0 on the season but it is the Hokie success of late that has many expecting a tight hard fought down to the wire game. Jason Staples and Greg Barnes join host Tommy Ashley to break it all down on the Inside Carolina Game Plan Podcast.