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Basketball preview episode with guest Chris Knoche

  • 1:14:28
  • 16 hours ago

Basketball season has arrived and there are a lot of questions to answer about the Terps. The crew goes in-depth on this year's squad, gets insider insight from Terps radio analyst and IMS Radio Hall of Famer Chris Knoche, and more.

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  • Will they play? | New expectations | James Graham is ready

    • 1:07:10
    • 6 days ago

    The Wolfpack -- Larry, Paul and Jeff -- are back in the saddle together for the first time in years to discuss the tenuous situation with Maryland football and COVID-19, the Terps' surprising start, and more.

    Plus, colorful Maryland commit James Graham joins the show and shares his vision for the future, his near flip to Auburn and more.

    Listen now!

  • PSU win | Recruit scoop | Hoops Roster | Larry's back

    • 1:02:37
    • 15 days ago

    IMS Radio is back, and so is Larry France!

    Larry jumps back into the saddle for the first time in a long time following Maryland's big win over Penn State to discuss:

    -- How big was Maryland's win?

    -- What's next in recruiting?

    -- Remember the Lorenzo Harrison bet?

    -- Do he Terps have a shot against Ohio State?

    -- How good is the basketball roster?

    -- Is Mike Locksley building a power?

    -- What's the latest in basketball recruiting?

    Plus guest Tim Strachan talks Terps, and lots more.

  • The day the football season died

    • 0:57:10
    • 3 months ago

    After news broke that the Big Ten postponed the football season, the crew gathered to discuss the news, what could happen next, how Maryland will move on, whether it was a good thing for the Terps and lots more. Plus the latest basketball and football recruiting scoop.

  • Will there be a season? | Recruiting Update | Hoops concerns

    • 1:00:14
    • 4 months ago

    With the coronavirus flaring up again, will there be a football season, and would it be better for Maryland if it's canceled? What's the latest in recruiting in football and hoops? Plus, new guy Jordan joins the pod for the first time and lore more Terps talk!

  • Taulia Time | Recruiting Scoop | Guest: Tim Watts

    • 1:08:24
    • 6 months ago

    After some time off, the crew is back and has a lot to discuss! On this week's episode of IMS Radio:

    • How did Maryland pull off the Taulia Tagovailoa transfer and what effect might he have?
    • Who might be next for Mike Locksley?
    • Will Maryland football be better off if there's no season?
    • Alabama insider Tim Watts talks about Tagovailoa's ability and background.
    • Catching up on Maryland football's latest commitments
    • Mark Turgeon adds a transfer, but he needs more help.
    • Are Maryland's basketball practice facility and football's new $15 million scoreboard still a go?
    • And more ...
  • Maryland Football Interviews: Keandre Jones and commits Peny Boone, Tai Felton

    • 0:24:37
    • 7 months ago

    With the NFL Draft here, former Maryland linebacker Keandre Jones talks about his NFL hopes and Terps recruits Tai Felton and Peny Boone review their recruitments and look ahead to their careers.

  • A Successful Season? | Jalen Smith Situation | Turgeon Negotiations

    • 0:57:37
    • 8 months ago

    A week after the season's abrupt ending, the crew reviews the season that was. Was it a success? Does Anthony Cowan's jersey go into the rafters? What's the word on Mark Turgeon;s contract situation and Jalen Smith? And we try to make sense of this new sports world post-Coronavirus shutdown.

  • B1G Champs | Tourney Expectations | Caleb Williams Talk

    • 0:31:58
    • 8 months ago

    Reviewing Maryland's shared Big Ten regular-season title, talking postseason expectations, a big finale from Ayala and Wiggins, Coronavirus concerns and football recruiting talk, including the latest on five-star local QB Caleb Williams.

  • Suddenly slumping | Pressure Mounting | Banner time?

    • 0:41:28
    • 8 months ago

    After that incredible nine-game winning streak, Maryland basketball is suddenly slumping to the finish line in a familiar site. What's the problem with the Terps? Can they turn it around for the postseason? Will the Big Ten banner mean as much if they have to share it?

    Plus the latest in football recruiting and more.