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Thanksgiving Week

  • 1:25:34
  • 6 hours ago

It's sort of a rivalry weekend in college football and JC Shurburtt and Mike Morgan bring you the latest from around the country.

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  • Gamecocks opening and more

    • 1:22:21
    • 5 days ago

    South Carolina is the first major college football coaching job to open in 2020 and JC Shurburtt and Mike Morgan break it down and talk about the general coaching carousel in the SEC. Plus, a look ahead to this weekend's slate of games, including JC's special shoutout to Indiana football.

  • Alabama, Liberty and everything in between

    • 1:44:17
    • 1 month ago

    Mike Morgan and JC Shurburtt discuss a wide variety of college football topics, including the opening of the Big Ten season, all of the action in the SEC, Liberty, BYU, unsung heroes, Mac Jones, Kevin Harris of South Carolina and a host of additional nuggets and topics. This may be the most epic episode of this podcast ever.

  • An interview with Tom Luginbill

    • 1:33:07
    • 1 month ago

    ESPN's Tom Luginbill joins JC Shurburtt and Mike Morgan to talk about the overall state of college football, including the reason so many points are being scored in the SEC. Plus, the guys review and preview as always.

  • A Showdown Saturday of sorts

    • 1:40:13
    • 1 month ago

    Saturday will be a big day in the Atlantic Coast Conference and also will feature multiple big games in the Southeastern Conference. Mike Morgan of ESPN and the SEC Network and JC Shurburtt of 247Sports talk about what to expect. Plus, it's shocking that Tom Herman has not been winning more at Texas. What is the issue in Austin? Is the Big 12 out of the playoff? How big is Texas A&M's game with Florida and South Carolina "better not lose" to Vanderbilt for the first time since 2008. All of that and a whole lot more on an epic episode of JC and Morgan.

  • Surprises and Disappointments

    • 1:16:20
    • 1 month ago

    The first week of action in the Southeastern Conference brought surprises and disappointments. Mike Morgan and JC Shurburtt take a look around the league. Plus, speaking of disappointments, the Big 12 as whole continues to worry some fans of that league with Oklahoma surprisingly going down to Kansas State. Also, talk about Miami-Florida State (are the Canes for real?) and look ahead to the forthcoming weekend.

  • The SEC begins Saturday

    • 1:12:13
    • 2 months ago

    Mike Morgan of ESPN and the SEC Network and JC Shurburtt discuss a wide variety of college football topics, including this coming weekend in the Southeastern Conference, a look back at last weekend's action (mostly in the ACC) and also will the Pac-12 get its act together and join the rest of college football in playing a season during the fall? It's a packed episode of the JC and Morgan College Football Podcast. Follow us on Twitter @jcandmorgan

  • The B1G is back

    • 1:22:48
    • 2 months ago

    Mike Morgan of ESPN and the SEC Network and JC Shurburtt of 247Sports discuss the Big Ten being back for the 2020 football season. What caused the league to reverse course on cancellation? What about the reaction in the media? Plus, actually football talk including a look at some opening action in the ACC. Are Georgia Tech and Florida State ships passing in the night? What about Clemson? That an a whole lot more in an info-packed episode of JC and Morgan.

  • An interview with Matt Stinchcomb

    • 1:35:34
    • 2 months ago

    Matt Stinchcomb of ESPN and the SEC Network joins JC and Morgan for a look at the 2020 football season in the Southeastern Conference, plus the guys talk about the latest from the Big Ten, talk a little Big 12 and ACC and what could be coming up this weekend.

  • An interview with Andy Staples

    • 1:16:21
    • 2 months ago

    Andy Staples of The Athletic hops on the podcast to talk football and a little bit of food with Mike Morgan and JC Shurburtt. Also, Mike and JC break down Georgia's quarterback situation now that Jamie Newman has opted out..