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Is Michigan basketball back on track?

Is Michigan basketball back on track?

  • 0:26:09
  • 10 days ago

Taking a look at the Michigan basketball team, we break down the Wolverines’ win over Michigan State, and what it means moving forward.

First, we look at what some of the keys to Michigan’s win. We dissect improved defense from Franz Wagner, Eli Brooks and the entire team, how far the Wolverines’ bench has come, the positive impact on the stat sheet and beyond that Isaiah Livers’ return to the lineup can bring. We also look at some schematic changes, and the team’s energy in the surprising win.

We then break down what the Wolverines’ final eight games look like, and where Michigan still needs to improve to come out on top. Among the areas discussed include consistent shooting, more offensive production from Jon Teske, more reliable showings from the Wolverines’ sophomore class and furthering some recent trends. We then close by looking at Michigan’s bracketology breakdown, and other notes to watch in Michigan’s pursuit of the NCAA Tournament.

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  • Reacting to Michigan State's new coaching hire

    Reacting to Michigan State's new coaching hire

    • 0:34:45
    • 11 days ago

    Following the news that Colorado head coach Mel Tucker had accepted the job to take over Michigan State’s head-coaching vacancy, we dissect what the hire means for the Spartans and, indirectly, the Wolverines. 

    First, we look at how good of a hire Tucker is for Michigan State. We break down his background at Michigan State, Ohio State, at big-time programs such as Alabama, Georgia, LSU and in the NFL, and opine on what he brings to East Lansing after one season with the Buffaloes. We also look at the optics of the hire, including whether Tucker was in the wrong for initially saying no to the job, the timing and how the situation changed so quickly for the Spartans.

    Next, we look at what kind of program Tucker is inheriting. We look at what kind of recruiting impact Tucker will have, how and how much that will impact Michigan, the importance of Tucker’s offensive coordinator hire and what the next two years can and should look like for the Spartans on the field.

  • Mark Dantonio's retirement

    Mark Dantonio's retirement

    • 0:31:27
    • 17 days ago

    Reacting to the retirement of Mark Dantonio, we break down how the veteran head coach got to this point, and what the keys to his downfall at Michigan State were.

    We look at the Spartans’ missed opportunity after making the College Football Playoff and a third Big Ten title in five seasons. We break down whether or not Michigan and Penn State’s return to prominence played a role, and how the last four years might erase the legacy of the first two-thirds of his tenure with the Spartans.

    We also look forward, discussing the state of the Michigan State gig given its location, division and current state. We break down potential candidates for his replacement, and look at what Michigan State looks like heading into the 2020 season from both a depth chart and a 2021 recruiting standpoint.

  • Lightning-round recap of Michigan's 2020 class

    Lightning-round recap of Michigan's 2020 class

    • 0:15:42
    • 18 days ago

    In a short, lightning-round format, Shaw and Lorenz break down the key things to know about the Michigan football team’s 2020 recruiting class.

    We begin by discussing how uneventful not just the February National Signing Day was for Michigan, but really the entire recruiting cycle has been since July, with only two commitments since then. We also break down the Wolverines’ process in scouting and pursuing top targets, and how that has changed in recent years.

    After that, we zero in on some of the key recruiting battles and top targets that landed in Michigan’s class. We break down the key players to watch from the class in the 2020 season, what to make of the geographic recruitment this cycle and offer a quick peek-ahead to the 2021 cycle.

  • Michigan football review-preview part 2: Defense/ST

    Michigan football review-preview part 2: Defense/ST

    • 0:59:59
    • 24 days ago

    Continuing with part 2 of our review-preview series, we break down what happened, what’s next and more with the Michigan football team’s defensive line, linebackers, cornerbacks, safeties and special teams units.

    First, we look at Michigan’s defensive line, and weigh the strengths of the Wolverines’ defensive ends vs. some issues with Michigan’s defensive interior and depth. We also look at what the unit will look like next season with more experience, and why the second- and third-year “project” players are the key to the line making the next step.

    We then look at linebacker, and dissect what was overall a strong year from an experienced group. We look at why big plays continued to be a problem, and what the position group looks like with three departing starters next season. 

    We next break down Michigan’s cornerbacks and safeties, following our same formula as the other groups. We offer grades, what worked, what didn’t work, decide if the arrow is pointing up, down or even and break down out big key offseason question. We close by doing the same for special teams.

  • Michigan football review-preview part 1: Offense

    Michigan football review-preview part 1: Offense

    • 1:08:05
    • 1 month ago

    In the first of a two-part series, we break down every offensive position group with a five-point review preview.

    First, we look at Michigan's quarterbacks, taking a look at the group's 2019 grade, what worked for the group, what didn't work for the group, whether the arrow is pointing up, down or flat at the position heading into 2020 and what our biggest offseason question for the group is.

    We then do the same for Michigan's running backs, receivers, tight ends and offensive linemen. Along the way, we differ on grades, dissect the legacy of departing players, offer some intel on incoming recruits, break down returning talent and read between the lines on young ascending players who might step into starting roles next season. We also look into the key offseason questions, ranging from developing stars to new positions to how certain players fit in Michigan's system.

  • Gauging Michigan basketball's panic meter

    Gauging Michigan basketball's panic meter

    • 0:48:01
    • 1 month ago

    First, we diagnose what Michigan’s panic level should be following its 0-2 week in road games at Minnesota and Iowa. We weigh the explainable setbacks such as how difficult the Wolverines’ schedule has been, the impact of Isaiah Livers’ injury and what probably could have been considered a young roster in transition. We also break down which issues aren’t necessarily as forgivable, such as Michigan’s transition defense, post defense, road shooting woes and even potentially energy according to one player.

    Our discussion then turns to what’s next, as we look at a winnable five-game stretch for the Wolverines, and how Michigan can capitalize and redefine its season.

    Finally, we close by looking at Juwan Howard’s recruiting, why he has had success so far, and what to make of the Wolverines’ 2020 recruiting class so far.

  • Michigan football's offseason to-do list

    Michigan football's offseason to-do list

    • 0:48:41
    • 1 month ago

    The first, most pertinent issue that we address for Michigan’s to-do list is look at its lone assistant coaching vacancy. We recap our discussion from last week on what direction the Wolverines should go to replace departed safeties coach Chris Partridge. We also break down why the apparent retention of outside linebackers coach Anthony Campanile can be beneficial to Michigan, and how it changes what the Wolverines are looking for in their 10th assistant.

    Next on our list, we look at potential transfer portal targets, and explain why we both hone in on the defensive line. We discuss one major defensive tackle target, and explore some of the young defensive linemen the Wolverines might want to bring some depth and experience around.

    We next look at the upcoming quarterback battle between Dylan McCaffrey and Joe Milton. We debate when Michigan should come to a decision, what to watch for in the battle, the significance and what to expect in terms of transfer fallout when an eventual winner is selected.

    Breaking down some smaller options, we look at defensive adjustments that should be made, how Michigan re-equips its secondary and offensive line, the importance of second-year defensive standouts, players the Wolverines must find more usage for and the opportunity in 2021 recruiting to hit the ground running.

  • Chris Partridge and Michigan's recruiting stature

    Chris Partridge and Michigan's recruiting stature

    • 0:47:31
    • 1 month ago

    In a more news-focused football podcast, we dissect two recent going-ons with the Michigan football team.

    First, we break down the Wolverines’ loss of safeties coach and special teams coordinator Chris Partridge. We break down what made Partridge such an impressive recruiter, other things he brought to the table as a position coach and what made it compelling for him to leave to become a defensive coordinator. We discuss what characteristics Michigan should be looking for in Partridge’s replacement, and offer some of our opinion of key candidates or areas that the Wolverines are looking at.

    Then, we discuss a hotly contested debate on the 247Sports message board this week about how and why Michigan is getting out-recruited by Ohio State and others. In doing so, we look at how the Wolverines’ recruiting approach has changed over the years, what issues Michigan is facing on the recruiting trail and what the Wolverines are doing and can do to close the recruiting gap.

  • Michigan basketball check-in

    Michigan basketball check-in

    • 0:34:42
    • 1 month ago

    Checking in on the No. 19 Michigan basketball team, we look at some of the key topics surrounding the Wolverines’ recent double-overtime win over Purdue. We look at a potential change to the starting lineup, what the pros and cons are about Michigan’s “three-guard” lineup, why it worked against the Boilermakers and how it should be used moving forward.

    We also take a look at a growing concern of opposing big men racking up points on the Wolverines in the wake of Travion Williams’ 26-point, 20-rebound effort. We discuss the pros and cons of Michigan sending help in the post for Jon Teske, and look at what the Wolverines’ strategy should be heading to Minnesota.

    We also break down other key issues surrounding the team, including Michigan’s road woes and a daunting schedule ahead.