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What's wrong and what's next as Michigan is blown out by Ohio State?

What's wrong and what's next as Michigan is blown out by Ohio State?

  • 0:58:19
  • 12 days ago

In the wake of the Michigan football team's blowout loss to No. 1 Ohio State, we break down what the loss mean, key takeaways and how the gap between the two programs looks in the future.

We open by looking at how far back the talent and success differential between the two programs goes, exploring the decade before Jim Harbaugh was hired for both the Wolverines (who went 73-53) and the Buckeyes (who went 110-21), and what went wrong for Michigan. We also evaluate how Harbaugh has helped the Wolverines narrow the gap, and how they haven't in many ways.

We also look at the game specifically, and which mistakes were the most troubling moving forward for Michigan. We dissent on how the Wolverines should handle their defense heading into the offseason, and also look at where the biggest talent gaps in the next couple years will be.

Episodes of This Show

  • Ohio State preview and predictions

    Ohio State preview and predictions

    • 0:38:39
    • 16 days ago

    In this episode, on the eve of "The Game," we break down over-unders and offer our predictions for the matchup.

    First, we look at how Michigan's offense could fare against the Buckeyes' top-ranked defense. We discuss what a fair expectation is for Shea Patterson and the Wolverines' passing game against Ohio State's secondary and which players might emerge in that matchup. Then, we look at Michigan's potential in the run game, underclassmen getting touches and how Michigan goes about trying to stop Chase Young.

    We then switch to the defensive side of the ball, looking at Michigan's ability to get sacks adn force turnovers, the Wolverines' ability to slow down JK Dobbins and Justin Fields, Ohio State's big-play potential and more.

    Finally, we close with our overall prediction for the game.

  • First look: Five questions about Michigan-Ohio State

    First look: Five questions about Michigan-Ohio State

    • 1:03:53
    • 20 days ago

    Rather than dissecting Michigan's 39-14 win over Indiana, we follow Aidan Hutchinson's advice and turn our attention to the Wolverines' upcoming matchup with No. 2 Ohio State. In the first of two preview episodes, we break down five early questions about the matchup.

    To begin, we look at Shea Patterson's rapid ascent, and how much he has closed the gap on Justin Fields in recent weeks. We also look at what makes Fields elite, and discuss if there is a way to contain him.

    We next look at if Michigan's defense is better-equipped to handle Ryan Day's offense this season than last, and how the Wolverines could contain the Buckeyes.

    In the longest component of the show, we break down why Michigan does seem hungrier about this season's matchup, debate whether that matters, look at how Ohio State created such a big gap in the rivalry and how it can ever be closed again.

    We close with each of our early keys to the game.

  • Previewing Michigan's road test at Indiana

    Previewing Michigan's road test at Indiana

    • 1:01:49
    • 24 days ago

    Looking at the No. 12 Michigan football team’s matchup at Indiana, we break down three key questions about the game before diving into our predictions.

    First, we discuss what level of awareness eliminates a contest being a “trap game,” and what Indiana has done to potentially vault out of that category with its best season in 25 years. We explore why Michigan has struggled against the Hoosiers this season, as well as what the Wolverines had to say about Indiana this week in press conferences and what it means.

    We also look at the game on both sides of the ball. When it comes to Michigan’s defense, we revisit last season’s struggles, and why the Wolverines’ woes against Indiana were and once again can be a precursor to their matchup against Ohio State. We break down our viewpoint of why the Hoosiers’ offense is better than past seasons, and look at why Michigan’s defense might be better equipped anyways.

    On Michigan’s offensive side of the ball, we try to play coach and outline what our game plan against Indiana’s improved defense would be. Shaw explains why he isn’t sold on the Hoosiers’ defense, while the conversation shifts to what the best-case scenario is for the Wolverines.

    We close with our weekly over-under predictions looking at ll components of Saturday’s game, along with a final score prediction for the matchup.

  • A closer look at Michigan's blowout win over MSU

    A closer look at Michigan's blowout win over MSU

    • 1:08:08
    • 27 days ago

    Following our typical 2-4-7 format, we break down two game balls, four key takeaways and answer seven questions stemming from the matchup.

    Our game balls are rather obvious, and serve as the first time both game balls went to members of Michigan’s passing game. We discuss the two players’ career games, and what it means.

    Our takeaways are more opponent-specific than usual, but we look at Michigan State’s meteoric decline from its peak in 2013-15, why maybe fans shouldn’t read too much into Michigan’s success Saturday and the recruiting impact a dominant win in the rivalry can have.

    Our questions tackle both big picture and smaller topics surrounding the team. We debate Michigan’s win over Notre Dame vs. its win over Michigan State in terms of changing perception, look at the Spartans’ conservative game plan, ponder if Michigan has an issue throwing the ball too low, discuss if the Wolverines can still have a “successful” season, look at Michigan’s kicking improvements, the offense’s preparedness against Ohio State and which oft-criticized player made fans eat their words the most.

  • Michigan-Michigan State preview

    Michigan-Michigan State preview

    • 0:54:16
    • 1 month ago

    In this episode, we preview the No. 14 Michigan football team’s matchup against Michigan State, looking at three key questions, previewing the game with our weekly over-under predictions and offering our final predictions for the game.

    Our first question looks at the annual war of the words that leads up into the matchup, our interpretation of some of Michigan’s comments this week and where we think the Wolverines’ motivation is at. We discuss why Michigan is still seeking revenge on Michigan State, and why the Wolverines might hate the Spartans more than other rivals.

    Then, we discussed just how far Michigan State has fallen, and if the Spartans still have any of their upset magic left after losing four straight games, and why they might not in this year’s matchup.

    Finally, we look at what concerns Michigan most needs to address, looking at the Spartans’ likely game plans on both sides of the ball and how the Wolverines can improve the most coming out of a bye week.

    We close looking at the matchup on both sides of the ball with our weekly over-unders, then outline how we think the game will ultimately go.

  • Maryland recap and bye week outlook

    Maryland recap and bye week outlook

    • 1:28:55
    • 1 month ago

    This week's lone football episode, we went longer than usual, breaking down our two game balls, four takeaways from Michigan's 38-7 win over Maryland and seven questions about the Wolverines' final four weeks of the season.

    Our game balls both went to two defensive players — one a key leader on the team and the other an unsung hero in the game — while we acknowledge some key players at several positions in the contest.

    Our four takeaways include three positives and one negative for the Wolverines. We credit Michigan's coaching staff for keeping the team on progress, note that the Wolverines were able to run the ball effectively, look at Michigan's ability to stop surrendering big plays on defense and question whether the Wolverines made a mistake not throwing the ball more.

    Our seven questions cover a wide range of topics. We break down why the offense looks different, try to make sense of the lack of downfield pass attempts, consider the defense's progress and talent relative to recent seasons, what Michigan needs to improve upon during the bye week, how the Big Ten can give teams like Maryland a chance and what we think of Jim Harbaugh's proposed 11-team College Football Playoff.

  • What can Michigan prove at Maryland?

    What can Michigan prove at Maryland?

    • 0:51:32
    • 1 month ago

    Previewing the No. 14 Michigan football team’s road trip to Maryland, we broke down three key questions for the matchup, and did our weekly over-under preview.

    Our first question, in which we disagreed on the answer, is what Michigan’s offensive approach should be against the Terrapins. Shaw argued that the Wolverines should push to try and air it out, while Lorenz made the case for Michigan continuing to develop its run game. Both kept an eye on bigger games in the season, with different outlooks on how the Wolverines can improve the most.

    They both agreed on the second key question, centered around what Michigan’s defense can improve upon in the game. Both felt the Wolverines could showcase their ability to limit the big play if they contained Maryland playmakers such as Anthony McFarland and Javon Leake.

    The two also discussed what Michigan can gain from a game like Saturday’s beyond a win. Both heavily felt Saturday should be used for Michigan to experiment with some of its younger, more talented players, while playing a complete game on the road served as a second element to keep in mind.

    Finally, the duo previewed the matchup with their weekly over-unders, and offered their predictions for the game.

  • Recapping Michigan's colossal win over Notre Dame

    Recapping Michigan's colossal win over Notre Dame

    • 1:20:07
    • 1 month ago

    In a longer episode, we go in-depth on the Michigan football team's win over No. 8 Notre Dame, following our format of two game balls, four lasting takeaways and seven questions from the weekend.

    Our game balls both went to offensive players, looking at a key player in the trenches and a standout, ascending running back. We also outline other players who stepped up and played some of their best games of the season.

    With out four takeaways, we break down Michigan's offensive progress as it hits its stride, the Wolverines' expert game plan in their surprisingly dominant win, Michigan's defensive speed and why it matters and the Wolverines' ability to develop unheralded recruits.

    In a wide-ranging set of questions, we tackle listener questions on how play-calling duties have changed in recent weeks, if Michigan State or Indiana is tougher game this season, Tarik Black, Vincent Gray, potential offseason coaching changes, Jim Harbaugh's press conferences, the possibility of Michigan catching Ohio State and where this win ranks among Michigan's other this decade.

  • Four questions for Michigan before Notre Dame test

    Four questions for Michigan before Notre Dame test

    • 0:43:53
    • 1 month ago

    Previewing the No. 20 Michigan football team's matchup against No. 8 Notre Dame, we look at four key questions we think the Wolverines must answer to come away with the win, then offer our predictions for the game.

    First, we look at whether the Michigan offense's solid second-half showing at Penn State is indicative of what's to come, or just a flash in the pan due to the Nittany Lions holding an early lead. In the discussion, we also look at why Shea Patterson and the offensive line improved, and what Notre Dame's defense brings to the table.

    We then consider how concerning Michigan's big-play defense is, and if the Wolverines can avoid lapses against a pretty balanced and dangerous Fighting Irish offense. Our final questions center around Michigan's challenge of emotionally bouncing back from a virtual title-eliminating loss, as well as why the Wolverines seem to show up so much better in big home games than big road games.

    Finally, we close with our over-under predictions and our final projections for how the game will shake out.